Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Michael Salman for Councilman - Issue - Immigration

     There is no secret that our country and even the world is in a recession.  People are scrambling for jobs.  Government is tightening its finances.  Families are feeling the crunch.  Meanwhile in a place outside of the world is Arizona and inside Arizona is the City Of Phoenix.  While the whole world is trying to figure out how to get income into its state and municipalities the State of Arizona and some in the City have found out how to get rid of income and tax revenues.
     I am going to just come right out and say because I believe in what I am saying.  I am against the new immigration law and SB1611.  These both target illegal immigration and in its surface seem to fight for the American Way but deep inside puncture a city and society through family and business destruction.  I know some of my opponents for District 5 are against what I am saying.  They may chomp at the bit to attack my statements, my character and my purpose for running but the truth is the truth.
     There was a news broadcast on ABC 15 that showed businesses abondoned, closed and deserted.  It also showed our neighbor states like Utah, Nevada, California and New Mexico are flourishing with new residents and new businesses.  The new immigration law targets more people than many want to believe.  Russell Pierce states that it is trying to protect the resources and income of Arizona.  What many fail to realize is when you remove families from our State you remove need.  When you remove need you remove employment.  When you remove the need to hire more people you create an unemployment problem.  Less people = Less Teachers = Less Firefighters = Less Police = Less Libraries = Less Federal Funding = MORE PROBLEMS.  This is a domino effect that hurts ALL IN ARIZONA, legal or not and especially in our City.
     So what can I as a Councilman do for my City?  When you have a City Council that understands the impact of the new immigration laws and they stand united together, they can make a difference, even in the Capital.  The problem right now is there is no unity.  Some believe for the immigration law and some believe against it.  There is not enough councilman who are standing up and being heard.  Many are hiding behind their silence for the sake of politics.  Claude Mattox who is the current District 5 Councilman and running for Mayor has been silent and his behind the scenes actions or inactivity are for the immigration laws.  While Greg Stanton the Deputy Attorney General who is also running for Mayor is against the law because he has seen the impact of it and the people it hurts.  Speaking to a City of Phoenix Official who has worked for the City for years has expressed to me the damage that this new law has caused families.  As Councilman of District 5 I want the people and the families of this City to know that they are protected and supported.  I want businesses to return.  I want revenue, teachers and different programs to be re-instated and flourish.
       There is no doubt that there must be immigration reform but the new laws and bills that are being introduced are not it.
     This is one of the issues I believe in and know that if elected Councilman I can have a voice in.  Thank you for your support and only with your help can we win.  Please pass this around and help me reach our City. 

Michael Salman
Candidate for City of Phoenix District 5   

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