Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Phoenix Water Increase 7%

     The nation is at an upheavel and the people are struggling.  The price at the Gas pump is now over $3.10 per gallon.  Unemployment is up, home sales are down and money is hard to come by.  So with all that lets hike up the price of water.  WHY?  Not because it is low or the demand is high but because it will help the City build more revenue.  The City leaders are trying to squeeze water from a rock.  Families are struggling and just last year they stuck the people with a 2% food tax, now they are hiking up the water 7%.  What people are forgetting is the simple rule of economics.  If we increase peoples cost of living by a combined 9% they will have less money to spend.  If they have less money to spend the tax revenue which should sustain the city will decrease.  This in turn will give our City a larger budget defecit.  It seems to me like someone is not thinking. 

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